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Danielle's approach to documenting a wedding day is centered around her belief that everything that's needed to create amazing photos already exists on your day. Her clients enjoy natural and unassuming moments, as they look and feel like themselves. As she captures and collects those fleeting moments, her couples’ emotions are embodied in a tangible way, forever. This work is accomplished with a purpose - encompassing both compelling composition and documentary techniques to showcase her clients at their very best as they commit to experiencing life side-by-side. 

The Moments That Matter

more than just pretty pictures

 Before we had even decided on a wedding date (or a venue, or anything else for that matter), we knew that we absolutely had to work with her for our big day. Danielle asked some incredibly creative and intuitive questions about how my husband and I wanted to feel on our wedding day. 

 Danielle brings such a special and unique warmth to each encounter with her clients, and in combination with the ample time she promotes to get to individually know and understand her couples, photography sessions feel so natural and intimate.

 On our wedding day, she worked to ensure my wife and I maximized every second together. She beautifully captured so many sweet and small moments throughout the night that represent our love for one another in a light my wife nor I had ever noticed. We felt like the only two people in the whole world thanks to Danielle’s expertise, and we could not be happier with our photos!

kind words

Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding weekend so special and seamless. I knew from our first phone call that I wanted to work with you, but you were beyond everything I hoped for when choosing a wedding photographer. It goes without saying but the photos you captured are phenomenal - classic, beautiful, and full of real emotion. Most importantly though, I really appreciated your sense of humor, your command of the day, your ability to help us all - especially me - feel at ease, and the feelings of fun and joy that you brought to each event. Thank you so much for the time and energy you spent with Scott and me, and our families and friends. - Sarah 

Echoing a lot of Sarah's notes and great feedback for you and your work - we can't thank you enough for the time, skill and professionalism you brought to our wedding. The pictures are incredible, and speak for themselves, but upon debriefing the big day with Sarah, what we felt was a huge bonus was your command of the process, ability to adapt, and having you as a linchpin of the day in our corner. Thanks for all the hard work and making the special moments possible. - Scott 

Kind Words

I like what I see. What do I do now? 
Scroll down a tiny bit to the contact form and send me a message! I'll respond with the nitty gritty and a lot of exclamation marks and then we can find a time to chat in person or online - whichever you'd prefer! We'll go over how many hours of coverage you need, chat about your wedding vision (you know I gotta know all the details), answer all the questions, and then I can send over the contract! 

We gotta have you! How do we book? 
All it takes is a 30% deposit and a signed contract - easy as pie! We can figure out a payment schedule or you can turn in the balance a month prior to your wedding.

How many images do we get? 
You can expect between 600 - 1200 images depending on  hours of coverage you have and what goes on during your wedding day.   

Do you travel? 
I've got my passport, suitcase, and snazzy travel playlist ready to go! 

When do we get the goods? 
You'll get a sneak peek in your inbox within a week of saying "we do" and then the whole shebang will be ready in 6-8 weeks! Each gallery comes with edited, high-resolution images, and printing rights to all the images. 

I'm all about a deal. Do you offer any discounts? 
 I'm in Marshall's at least once a week so I feel you. I do offer discounts for military couples! I also try and work with you if it's a last minute booking (within three months), a weekday wedding (monday-thursday), or an elopement! 


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"We are just blown away by your artistry & attention to detail."

Heather & John

kind words