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Hello! I’m Danielle – the face behind the camera.

As a kid, I used to sit on the living room floor and beg my mom to look through old wedding photos again and again so I could hear about my parent’s wedding, my grandparent’s love story, and my childhood antics. It is such a gift that I now get to capture those same kinds of images that your friends, family, and grandkids are going to ask you about one day as you reminisce about life’s glorious adventures. 

My advice for you – don’t ever underestimate how worthy your story is. Life is crazy – it can be scary and challenging, so take every possible opportunity to document the happy, the growth, and the exciting moments that come along.

a few tidbits: 

My wonderful husband, Kevin (that guy I’m kissing), and our zoo – our dogs – Toby and Buddy, and our cat – Mitzy. I’m currently trying to convince him to add an alpaca to the mix…

Meredith College – Not only did Meredith provide me with some amazing, lifelong girlfriends, but I also minored in photography while I was there – giving me a strong foundation for this passion of mine.

England – I was actually born in the UK and my ENTIRE extended family still lives there. I think that’s another reason I appreciate this job as much as I do – living away from my family has made me appreciate time with family and friends even more.