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Tiffany and Alex – Durham Elopement


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Woo! Elopements, courthouse, and intimate weddings are the way to go ya’ll! These two reminded me of everything I love about being a wedding photographer – the passion, the promise, and the purpose. Passion because it was so fantastically obvious that these two are plumb crazy about each other. Promise because I believed every.single.word they said when they vowed to spend forever fighting for each other, choosing each other, and serving each other. Purpose because monogamy is not dead, weddings are not overrated, and promising to journey through life with another soul is an amazing, brave, and wondrous act that deserves to be celebrated no matter how big or small the event may be. Cheers to these two love birds and thank you to everyone who has, will, or is considering choosing me to honor their day with images that reflect the emotion and life behind each moment. Hugs to you all. 

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