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River Landing Wedding Inspiration – Liliana and Hector


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Liliana and Hector’s wedding at the River Landing Country Club could not have been any more beautiful! As a photographer, I’ve seen a lot of different traditions and fun new ideas at weddings but I think Liliana and Hector’s “Vibora De La Mar” might take the cake (terrible wedding pun, I know). Liliana and Hector both stood on chairs with a piece of silk between them as their guests held hands and looped in and out while pushing against the chairs to see who would let go of the silk first. I’ve never been part of such a terrifying and exhilarating tradition before. Hopefully, her guests didn’t hear me giggling away like a loony toon while taking their pictures! I am so excited for Lili and Hector – it was so clear all day just how much they love one another. Cheers to Liliana and Hector.

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