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The Sutherland Wedding – Megan and Jimmy


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How many times have I scrolled through these pictures just smiling like a goof ball? Way. Too. Many. I think you’ll agree that Megan and Jimmy’s wedding at The Sutherland is totally smile worthy though! Surrounded by such a lovely group of friends and family, it was so clear that these two are ready for a future together. There’s something so cool about seeing two people who both have really giving personalities come together. You see them serve, encourage, and give to their friends and family and it makes you like them so much as an individual and then they get together and then they each have someone who will serve, encourage, and give to them when they come home at the end of a long day. Knowing that they have one another to go through life with just makes my heart so dang happy for the two of them. Cheers to Megan and Jimmy!

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